My story

Atsui Cards began as a personal project after I lost my Dad. It gave me a chance to slow down, read, write, and draw. I expressed the words that came to me and focused on capturing their rhythm and spirit until it felt right. This process helped clear my mind and brought me inner peace and moments of joy everyday.

When my sister and I came across our father’s letters, we felt the true power of writing. His presence in them not only comforted us, but it changed the way I looked at writing forever. I wanted to shout to the world to write more and Atsui Cards became my voice.

Today, I see Atsui Cards as a gift. It found me when I least expected it and it carried me. The words that brought me comfort gave me a way to fill the world with love. This is where my journey has taken me. My work gives me peace, allows me to uplift people around me, and I enjoy a quality of life I never knew existed by following my heart.

Blessings and Love,

april tsui (founder and artist)

P.S. I'm not often on Instagram, but my work can be seen at: #atsuicards. I will update more often this year, now that my trademark application is finished along with some other product ideas. I love you out there. Thank you.