Pet - Dachshund Set of 6 (choose)

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This box set of 6 features our beloved dachshund, Slinky.


Artist Statement

The front side of this card has all the details that make Slinky a simple, sharp and elegantly illustrated dachshund. I remember watching cartoons of this sausage dog and always found its body so cute and funny. I enjoyed creating this fun and happy dog with a simple silhouette that highlights his ears, tail, and legs with clean lines that intersects the solid color of the entire dachshund.


About this card

This card in the Pet collection has many qualities that makes it special. Let's begin with the back side of these cards. If you look closely, there's a pattern that is composed of entirely of dog bones. This was created to give a subtle, sophisticated, yet whimsical effect that compliments the dachshund design on the front of the card. Careful consideration was given to the size of each bone and the spacing in between. If it's too small, the details of the bones would be lost and too big would render it too indelicate.


The entire die of the back pattern on the back of the card is a larger investment than the dies of the various dogs on the front of the card and there's a massive amount of gold film that is needed to cover the entire surface. A die is needed to stamp the artwork in gold and in this case, it is made of one large piece of metal that incorporates the delicacy of the fine print of the copyright, the brush strokes of the Atsui Cards logo, with the very tiny, but still legible, "TM" next to it, all balanced against a medium-fine bone pattern. These elements were all challenging to stamp and press onto the paper because it had to be done with the right balance of pressure, temperature, and release of the gold foil in a clean manner, not filling in the tiny open spaces in between the letters. Imagine cooking different ingredients in the same pan and making sure each one is finished at exactly the same temperature and time. Altogether, these elements make the backside of the this card alone, an art piece and the pressman, a master craftsman.


I have been asked why I take time to create the back side of the card when it's the front of the cards that sell. I don't personally believe this to be true and because I am an artist, I consider the entire piece of paper my canvas. Plus, I like to have some fun with each card. I have seen my customers hold my card and run their fingers across the surface to really feel the texture of the artwork. It's truly a unique experience to have one of these cards in your hand and I care about each one of my creations.


About Atsui Cards

Every card has a unique combination of elements that makes the overall card a joy to behold- the coating of the paper, printing process, intricacies of the embossing, the details of the raised letters, or its execution. It's a piece of paper, yet, much more than that. There's love and dedication to the work that I do and I am committed to making each and every card a special one. 





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  • Blank inside
  • 5.5" x 4.25" folded
  • 100 lb. specialty paper, smooth texture 
  • Gold stamped artwork  
  • Triangular European flap envelope, cream
  • Made in the United States of America
  • © 2020 April Tsui. All rights reserved.