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This box set of 6 features two cute elephants, a mother and child. The baby elephant, a calf, is tugging on the tail of its mother. Created and illustrated from the heart. Back of card has a precious message: "Welcome to the world, little one." 


Artist statement

I created this card to celebrate bringing a life into the world. I love elephants and liked the idea of a baby elephant holding on to its mother using its trunk. I created a precious seal on the back of the card that feels like a special announcement with the stitched lines around the message. I felt that the simplicity of the design on the back of the card was needed to compliment elephants.


About this card

One of the challenges with making this particular card was the backside, with the small letters and stitching that needed to be shown through a solid gold seal on the back of the cards. The overall look is deceptively simple, but not easy to create. The message itself was slightly larger than the text in a book because it needed to fit inside a circle that felt like a seal on an envelope. The large size of die itself, despite the negative space (the paper that shows through the card) incorporates all the copyright text, logo, seal in the center and the four simple strokes that is like an outline of an envelope, and the sheer amount of gold film required to make the backside of the card was a larger investment than the elephants in the front, but it completes this design and makes this card a special one.

About Atsui Cards

Every card has a unique combination of elements that makes the overall card a joy to behold- the coating of the paper, printing process, intricacies of the embossing, the details of the raised letters, or its execution. It's a piece of paper, yet, much more than that. There's love and dedication to the work that I do and I am committed to making each and every card a special one. 





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  • Blank inside
  • 5.5" x 4.25" folded
  • 100 lb. specialty paper, smooth texture 
  • Gold stamped artwork  
  • Triangular European flap envelope, cream
  • Made in the United States of America
  • © 2020 April Tsui. All rights reserved.